THIRD RAY - Serapis Bey

Yellow colored third ray of concrete intelligence. Many of the great healers of the world have a lot of third ray energies. Healing upon this ray is more than a
physical healing and raising to its heights, it can be used for holistic healing and teaching. People how have much third ray energies are always very practical.
When you urgently need something done and you want it organized very well, ask a third-ray person to do it for you. Persistence is a key trait.

This rays qualities are sincerity of purpose, clear intellect, capacity for concentration on philosophic studies, patience, caution, absence of the tendency to worry over small matters. The gifts acquired are sympathy, tolerance, devotion, accuracy energy and common sense.

"I call on the Third Ray Concrete Intelligence to merge and integrate with self in the highest frequency and I release everything that is no longer in alignment with
divine Concrete Intelligence. So Be It."